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SUKIYA is Japan’s leading Gyudon restaurant chain with over 2,600 outlets worldwide.

1. Concept

Sukiya is Japan’s No. 1 quick-service restaurant, which operates more than 2,600 locations across the world. Sukiya specializes in – a delicious combination of thinly-sliced tender beef cooked in a soy sauce -based savory sauce with onions all served on top of fluffy, perfectly-cooked Japanese rice.Renowned for its lightning-fast, friendly and energetic-service, Sukiya uplifts and energizes its customers around the world by providing a truly authentic Japanese experience to all.

2. History

Sukiya was founded in 1982 in Yokohama, an iconic port city in Japan known for being the site where Japan opened to the Western world at the end of its feudal Period. Sukiya's signature dish, (also known as beef bowl) originates from a traditional dish called , a type of Japanese hotpot made with beef. Gyunabe was created when beef, a Western ingredient, was introduced into Japan and combined with traditional Japanese cooking methods and flavors to create a new and unique Japanese dish. Gyudon has gained widespread popularity and has become an everyday food.

 Our Food

Sukiya is known for its Gyudon, a popular everyday food in Japan. Sukiya offers Gyudon in different sizes and with a variety of unique toppings such as kimchi, cheese, grated radish, and . In addition to Gyudon, Sukiya also serves its own special recipe Japanese Curry, which is also an everyday favorite for many Japanese. Sukiya also offers a full menu of traditional Japanese rice bowls, also known as . One of the most popular options is , a bowl of flame-grilled beef seasoned with a signature sweet and savory Yakiniku sauce. Sukiya only uses the best ingredients including beef that is specially selected for its tenderness, flavor, and quality, as well as authentic Japanese-style short-grain rice. Every ingredient is sourced, selected, and monitored by our own in-house team for safety, quality, and flavor.








  1. Service

As soon as you walk into Sukiya, you will be greeted with a bright smile and an energetic meaning "welcome" or "come on in." At Sukiya, Japanese-style hospitality which takes every effort to ensure guests’ comfort is an essential part of the experience. Guests will also be amazed by the lightning-fast service - food is often served within seconds of ordering. From the moment a guest enters the door to the moment they depart, Sukiya offers a special style of Japanese customer service that is both courteous and uplifting.


  1. Environment

Sukiya restaurants are bright and welcoming, with most locations offering a wide variety of seating options, from counter seats to tables, to ensure that single diners, families, and groups can all feel welcome and enjoy a dining experience that meets their needs.

Each restaurant is designed to be approachable and welcoming with distinctive elements such as brick accents and an iconic wall mural that evokes the history and heritage of Yokohama by depicting the origin story of Gyudon.

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