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Gyudon – a delicious combination of thinly-sliced tender beef cooked in a soy sauce-based savory sauce with onions all served on top of fluffy, perfectly-cooked Japanese rice. 

Gyudon is a very popular quick meal often enjoyed for lunch. Although “fast” in preparation time and price, Gyudon is a nutritious and balanced meal. Also, you can customize your Gyudon with variety of delicious toppings such as kimchi and cheese.

In addition, Gyudon is available in different sizes, so you can choose the one that’s best for your appetite.

At SUKIYA, every ingredient is sourced, selected, and monitored by our own in-house team for safety, quality, and flavor.

Sukiya only uses the best ingredients including beef that is specially selected for its tenderness, flavor, and quality, as well as authentic Japanese-style short-grain rice. 

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